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What is a HS code?

A Harmonized System code (HS code) is used to identify a product or commodity within a country's tariff schedule. HS codes must be specified for all imported goods so that the correct import duty can be applied.

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HS Code
Womens running shoes
upper [leather: other] & sole [plastic / rubber]
Womens knitted dress
cotton (knitted)

Recent Lookups

Product category Import Country
Manual Wind Watches - case [base metal] & wrist strap [base metal] (>17 jewels) USA
Pajamas & Nightgowns - other textiles (woven) USA
Paints United Kingdom
Desktops [all-in-one] Croatia
Household Articles - metal: stainless steel USA
Unupholstered Seating - metal frame [outdoor] Kuwait
T-Shirts - cotton (knitted) Monaco
Boots - upper [leather: pigskin] & sole [leather] Rwanda
Smartphones Slovakia
Hats - textile: cotton (knitted) Bahrain


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Dutify covers thousands of products, but if we don't cover your product, our classification services offer an opportunity for us to add coverage for your product to all of our supported countries. To learn more about classification services, see our classification services.

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