Our Shopify plugin automatically integrates our landed cost calculator and product classification widget directly into your Shopify store to provide accurate landed cost for your customers.

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Simple pricing with
no hidden charges.

We believe pricing should be simple. That's why we include generous usage limits with all of the features you need to get started.

Features Included?
Duty & Additional Taxes
Customs Union & FTA Support
Product Classification & HS Codes
Compliance & Shipping Restrictions
$499 / per annum
  • 2000 calculations / month
  • No implementation fee
  • No transaction fee
  • Free cancelation
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It starts with visibility, it ends with higher conversion.

Leverage our Shopify plugin to improve your the international shopping experience for your customers. Give your customers transparency, prevent refunds and enjoy higher conversion and customer retention.


No nasty surprises, get full visibility at the time of checkout, with the option to pay accurate duty and tax at the time of purchase.


Ship internationally with confidence. Avoid international returns when a customer refuses to pay their customs invoice.

How does it work?

Whether you are shipping DDU or DDP, when a customer goes through your Shopify checkout we provide a full landed cost including the duties and taxes payable for each purchase in real-time as well as shipping and compliance restrictions to ensure you only ship what you should.

4 items
Womens running shoes
2 x $23.00
Womens knitted dress
2 x $99.00
Express Delivery
Duty & Tax:


Whether you want to discuss how our plugin works, custom pricing, or anything else - our sales representatives are happy to help.