Landed Cost

Get a full landed cost including import duty, sales tax, additional taxes, HS codes, calculation breakdown and compliance information for your shipment in three simple steps.

Calculate import duty and tax.

Import duty and tax calculation made easy

Our landed cost calculator simplifies cross-border trade by allowing you to accurately calculate import duty and other taxes in three steps, while providing a full calculation and classification breakdown including HS codes, compliance messaging and currency conversion.

For buyers

Shopping on an international website and unsure of whether there will be any hidden duty and taxes when your order arrives? Our landed cost calculator has you covered.

For sellers

Thinking of shipping internationally but are unsure of the hidden costs the recipient will have to pay upon delivery? Use our landed cost calculator to get ahead of the surprise.

Step 1. Where are you shipping?

Tell us where the product is being shipped from and where it's going to. This ensures we return results based on the correct tariff, allows us to check whether a free trade agreement applies or if the goods are moving within a customs union.

Step 2. What are you shipping?

Find your product using our AI powered product classification database, let us know it's value and any additional information about your product. Specifying your product's information allows us to accurately classify it and use the correct duty and tax rates for the calculation.

Step 3. How are you shipping?

Let us know how the product is being shipped. Is it being shipped by a courier, postal service or freight? Is the shipping insured? How much does the shipping and insurance cost? This information will help us provide and accurate calculation result.

How is duty and tax calculated?

Duty and tax calculation differs from country to country. Each country defines their own de minimis (minimum threshold) values, rates, formulas, additional taxes, and more. The amount of duty attracted by a specific product is determined by its classification.

More information
Womens running shoes
upper [leather: other] & sole [plastic / rubber]
Womens knitted dress
cotton (knitted)
3% + 2 USD p/ kg

Accurate and comprehensive global trade data.

Transparency and accuracy are essential, which is why each calculation provides a full breakdown explaining how we got the result that we did. We also provide a full HS code for each product included in the calculation with a link to the import country tariff where available, should you wish to audit the results. Our data is sourced directly from government authorities and we never use blended rates.

189 Countries covered
4182 Products covered
389855 HS codes covered
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Your questions, answered.

Duty rates are calculated based on HS codes which represent the type of product being imported. Using our product categories to find and select your product allows us to allocate the correct full digit HS code to your product, and in turn be able to accurately calculate duty and tax for the country you are shipping to.

Dutify provides a full breakdown of the import duty and tax calculation results. This includes but is not limited to the HS code applied, the duty rate, sales tax rate, additional taxes (if applicable) as well as the calculation method and any minimum thresholds. We also provide links to country tariffs, so you're able to confirm our rates against government documentation. We work with trade partners and government authorities to ensure our data is accurate and up-to-date.

Yes, Dutify includes landed cost calculation in all of our packages, including our free package!

Duty and tax calculation is real time. As soon as you click 'Calculate' our Total Landed Cost Calculator processes all of the information you provided and gives you an accurate result instantly.