Get full length HS codes, duty rates, additional taxes and compliance messaging by country for your product.

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Managed Services

If you have a product that we don't currently support, or you can't find in our database, we've got you covered.

Product Classification

You've brought a new product to market and you're not sure how to classify it within the tariff. Our experts will give you an accurate full HS classification for each country that you require.

Catalog Classification

Provide us with your product data and let us handle the classification of your entire catalog. Our precise classifications can be used to power landed cost calculations for your consumers.


Your questions, answered.

Classification describes the process of allocating an accurate full digit HS code to a product. Without an accurate HS code you will be unable to calculate the cost of importing your product as the duty rates, additional taxes and compliance restrictions are determined by the HS code. To further complicate this process, each classification differs from country to country, so even if you have an accurate HS code for your product in one country it is highly probable that the assigned HS code will be incorrect in another country.

Dutify already covers thousands of product classifications, but in the event that we do not cover your product, our classification services offer an opportunity for us to add coverage for your product to all of our supported countries. Unfortunately we are unable to include managed classification services as part of your Dutify subscription plan as these services are performed by professional customs classification consultants.

The length of time our managed classification services take depends on the number of products that you need classified. Individual product classification services are completed within 24 hours with full country coverage, catalog classification services will vary depending on the number of products needing classification - an estimate will be provided when you submit your product catalog.